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Rishi's Dessert Menu

Mango £3.49
Mango sorbet and coconut ice cream with a heart of meringue decorated with a raspberry, kiwi fruit and lychee

Coppa Caffe £3.95
Dairy vanilla ice cream with swirls of coffee cream, topped with chocolate coated coffee beans

Coppa Pistachio e Crema £4.45
Custard ice cream swirled with chocolate and pistachio flavoured ice cream, topped with crushed pistachio praline

Banoffee ‘Cheesecake’ Sundae £3.25
Delicious banana cheesecake mousse, layered with crushed biscuits and toffee sauce

Tartufo Classico £3.45
Chocolate ice cream with a zabaglione centre, coated with crushed hazelnuts, dusted with cocoa powder

Matka Kulfi £4.25
A special blend using the finest kulfi with a unique saffron sauce served in a ceramic bowl and decorated with pistachios and almonds

Mango Kulfi £2.50
Authentic Indian Mango kulfi

Grange Ripieno £3 .25
A real orange with its flesh removed and filled with a tangy orange sorbet

Coconut Ripieno £4.25
A real coconut with its flesh removed and filled with a rich coconut sorbet

Rich Chocolate Pudding £3.45
A chocolate sponge pudding with a dark indulgent chocolate sauce

Luxury Sticky Toffee Pudding £3.45
A moist toffee flavoured sponge pudding covered in a rich toffee sauce with fudge pieces

Gulab Jamun £2.75
Fried dough soaked in sugar syrup

Carrot Halwa £2.75
Popular Indian sweet made out of grated carrot, ghee and nuts

Kesari £2.75
Traditional South Indian sweet made out of semolina, cashews, ghee and jaggery

Falooda £3.99
A popular beverage in the south made primarily by mixing rose milk with vermicelli and tapioca seeds, mixed fruits, fruit flavoured jelly and with a scoop of
vanilla ice cream

Fruit Salad with Ice Cream £3.49
Mixed variety of fruits topped with vanilla ice cream


Kwakka £2.99
Vanilla ice cream in a novelty "Kwakka" character toy

Funkey Munkey £2.99
Strawberry ice cream in a novelty "Funky Munkey" character toy